Shwimmer Community Standards

The global Shwimmer community is built on goodwill, mindfulness, safety awareness and respect for others. We believe that Shwimmers of goodwill will do the right thing according to the “do unto others” principle. These Community Standards are a reminder of some key principles that will make Shwimmer work for everyone.

All Shwimmers

As You Found It

Tidy up after yourself and leave only ripples

Clear Header

Avoid alcohol and other intoxicants around water

Do Unto Shwimmers

Treat fellow Shwimmers as you would wish to be treated yourself

First Aider

Be prepared with First Aid Knowledge

Law Keeper

Follow the laws, ordnances, rules and cultural norms of where you are

Time Stickler

Being punctual is a hallmark for respect for yourself and others

Who Ya Gonna Call

Know how to contact emergency services, especially when in other countries

Pool Owners

Born Unslippy

Protect guests with non slip surfaces around the pool

Deeply Dippy

Mark pool depths clearly

Good Gracious

Give a warm welcome, especially to foreign guests

Prepared Pool

Rescue and First Aid equipment available and conspicuous

Pure Water

We only want to swim in clean water

Tiddlers Out

Protect your pool from uncontrolled access by young children


Keep electrical equipment away from the pool area

Well Oiled

Maintain equipment professionally

Swimmers and Guests

Avoid Drains

Stay away from suckers!

Brothers Keeper

Look after other members of our party, especially younger children

Deep Water Diver

Always know the depth of the water you are diving into

Don’t Bomb

No dive bombing or other dangerous behaviour

Fit to Float

Put flotation aids on younger children

Leap Looker

Look before you make a big splash

Limit  Knower

Swim well within your limits

Never Swim Alone

Swim with friends for fun and safety

No Nuisance

Respect the right of neighbours to peace and quiet

Rule Setter

Make sure other members of your party know the rules, and that you are responsible for their behaviour

Safe Player

A safe Shwimmer is a trained swimmer. Teach children to swim safely

Walk Don’t Run

Never run in the pool area


Keep an eye on each other, especially younger children